A kiss is passionate, natural & sexy.
When two lips meet, passion & the simple logic of the universe ignite.

When creating living environments, we bring technology & function to a human scale with desires & needs fully met. We balance logic & passion as they intertwine & connect in a delicate balance.

Technology merges with nature like two people engaging in a kiss….delicate and simple, yet powerful and electric. In the Kiss “Bezu” building, l am excited to create that perfect marriage between nature and technology. I want it to be like your most memorable kiss… simple, passionate and never to be forgotten.

H Bella Design
Huda Ben-Ghuzzi

Arclight Development

The founders of Arclight Development group have roots that extend across North America over the last 25 years. Locally owned and managed, Arclight builds luxury residential real estate properties for people with discerning tastes. The Arclight team is spearheading the development of Bezu with careful execution and fine attention to detail.

Benoot Realty

Benoot Reality is a father and son international real estate company partnered with a select group of hand-picked real estate specialists, rounding out a family of professionals. They provide an array of services backed with knowledge, experience, and a passion, to bring the best there is to offer in condominium sales. Benoot not only assists in helping you buy or sell your property, but they also do investments and rentals. With over 20 years of real estate experience, Benoot is confident they will fulfill all your real estate and investments needs.

Bella Design

Huda Ben-Ghuzzi’s strengths as a consultant and developer of condominiums and homes goes beyond her intuitive design flair. She has the ability to feel and honor the integrity and soul of a physical space, thereby enhancing it’s inherent worth. Having participated in all facets of real estate acquisition, renovations, and project management, Huda has expertise to provide multifaceted advice in many crucial aspects of development. With a direct communication style, Huda provides intelligence and an intuitive perspective that will allow your project to claim its highest possible worth in today’s competitive market. Huda is a welcoming breath of fresh air to developers and home owners who rely on honest advice and original ideas.

“Always give people far more than what they expect and they shall be delighted for life”. This quote from my father is something I’ve lived by and constantly strive to achieve. I invite you to experience how the grace and beauty of your surroundings can transform your life. I invite you to experience Huda Bella Design!

Voeller Construction

Voeller Construction was established on the principles of providing high quality construction with superior customer service at a competitive price, and still maintains this philosophy today. For more than 25 years, Voeller has been dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their clients through their unrivaled commitment to quality.

Voeller Construction is proud of the vast array of projects they have had the opportunity to build. Their experience encompasses a wide variety of styles, scopes and budgets which inclue commercial and industrial buildings, churches, custom residential homes, college dormitories, and mid-rise condominiums. Throughout it all, they have maintained their “Commitment to Quality” mantra, ensuring the highest standards are met for each project.

Architectonics Studio

Architectonics Studio is a full-service design firm, offering both residential and commercial design and architectural services. Our staff has years of experience in projects ranging from small residential renovations and additions, to new residences and commercial projects of higher caliber. Architectonics’ ability to provide complete and well-coordinated services within the time and budget limitations is recognized by a growing list of returning clients. All of our clients receive great enthusiasm and dedication in providing the best service possible.

Clear ph Design

Clear ph Design is a boutique advertising and design agency with locations in St. Petersburg, Denver, and Dubai. The multifaceted creative team is led by veteran brand culture visionary Richard Hughes. The agency is known for its globally recognized body of work in branding, print, web, and environmental design, created by its highly skilled, top-notch, award-winning members. Clear ph helps roll out brands by articulating all aspects of a brand’s culture – from internal to external – with unique strategies that transcend borders and open horizons.